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A New Mom's Guide in Buying Baby Clothes

Being a new mom is a hard obstacle to face. Having the task of figuring out which baby clothes are the ones to buy is almost as difficult as the first task. You wouldn't want to dress your baby in something that is uncomfortable yet cute looking, but you wouldn't exactly want to dress your baby in an outfit so dry. You want something that caters to your baby's needs at the same time be a bit stylish as well. Yet the question is, "How?"

Wanting to dress our babies in the most unique baby clothes is one thing, but going out and finding cool baby clothes is a whole new ball game. Before you go out and start shopping and buying everything you think is important, here are some tips that will help you come up with a good wardrobe for your baby and determine which baby clothes are needed and which ones are just extras.

One important thing to remember when buying baby clothes is that the transition from the small baby to a toddler can happen in a blink of an eye. When you think about the first few months, you have to prepare your closet for approximately a year. Baby clothes go by 3 months which means you should be getting sizes from: 0 to 3 months, 3 to 6 months, and then 6 to 9 months.

The main factors in choosing baby clothing are defined by three "S" factors. These factors are Sleeping wear, Sensible, and Show off. If you buy baby clothing that is sensible enough to undergo stains, milk spills and the like, but which is also comfortable to nap in, then you are hitting two factors with one stone. Add a little jazz to that comfy onesie with a witty line, or cool graphics, then you have duly accomplished the show off factor successfully.

Sleeping wear is crucial for fussy babies who have a lot trouble falling asleep. The comfortable baby clothing will surely make your baby relax. You should also consider the ease of which the baby clothes will provide you when changing diapers. With a one-two-three unsnap, you will not have a hard time undressing the baby.

Showing off your baby is perhaps the best part of buying baby clothes as a mom gets to dress her baby in the smartest looking and unique baby clothes she can think of. Like everybody else, your baby has personality, and it is up to you to express it to the fullest. You can take your pick from designer baby clothes, newborn baby clothes, and some cheap cool baby clothes. Think about the possibilities and connect that with the baby clothing. However, you should keep in mind that small additional objects might be harmful to your baby, so you just might write that off your list.

Remember that when you are buying baby clothes for your little one, it is his comfort that must be your main priority. Showing your baby off through his unique baby clothes comes last. It should be his comfort then your ease in taking care of him or her that comes next. Then comes the part where you show him off. Show him off as best as you can but never at his expense.


The Fun Of Buying Baby Clothes: Get The Best For Your Baby

You are spoilt for choice when you go out shopping for baby clothes. You want the best for your bundle of joy, and you do get the best as various options are available in the marketplace to dress up your baby. Baby fashion has never been so exciting; sky is the limit when you go out looking for the perfect fit for the new baby.

Do Sensible Shopping

Although all baby clothes look cute and lovely, it is a fact that not every piece of clothing is perfect for your little one. When a choice has to be made regarding what and how to buy, many things matter. First comes the size, don't buy anything that looks too small or too big on the baby. Too small clothes will be uncomfortable, too large will be bulky and unappealing.

Girls and boy babies have different styles and different color schemes of their clothes. But there are some baby clothes available which are unisex; they look equally good on both girl and a boy baby. These include body suits, sleep suits, socks, mittens, T-shirts and leggings.

The daily wear baby clothes should be of soft material, easy to put and pull, should give the baby the freedom of moving about without the fear of tripping and falling. Simple designs with bright colors go very well. But for occasions like parties and Christmas, you can go for varied materials and colors. For girl babies, frilled frocks, lace trimmed dresses, jackets and leggings look good on occasions. You can get the complete look by adding accessories like matching booties, head bands and socks.

For boy babies, on parties and special occasions, you can go for smart suits, jeans and jacket with a hat, shirts and overalls and pair it up with boots, shoes and socks.

For night wear, again simple and comfortable baby clothes are recommended. Go for sleep suits, soft cotton pajamas and colorful walking sleepers. It would be best if the night baby clothing covers up the feet as well as feet tend to get cold when the babies push the blanket away. Buying Baby Clothes Online

There are many options to buy baby clothing from. You can visit a baby clothes store, shop in a departmental store or shop online. The advantage of online shopping is that expecting mothers and new mothers can do the shopping from the comfort of their home. They do not need to step out and strain their legs; just a few clicks and you get the desired baby clothes.

Some online stores also have celebrity baby clothes, where you can dress up your baby as a celebrity. They have baby clothes made out of eco friendly, organic material as well. These clothes are really soft and cushy, ideal for your little baby's comfort. On many of these websites you will also find other baby products like baby furniture, baby strollers, prams, play-pens and more.

Apart from upper clothes, one must not forget to buy proper and plenty inner-wear. Underwear slips and under shirts should be bought along with other baby clothes. If you are opting for cloth diapers, then get a stock of soft cotton cloth diapers ready even before the baby arrives.

Babies outgrow their clothes very fast. One should keep this fact in mind while shopping for baby clothes. As the baby grows, the clothes have to be replaced by new ones. There is no dearth in style and designs available for baby clothes. So indulge yourself in baby clothes shopping and enjoy dressing up your baby everyday!


Photographing Your Newborn

It has been 9 months and now you finally are able to bring home your sweet little baby after you have given birth. You are probably very excited about placing brand new pictures in those baby-themed picture frames that so many of your dear friends and family have given you during your pregnancy. Actually, you likely wish to fill dozens of picture frames with pictures of your baby, capturing his every waking instant (and perhaps throw in a few shots of him sleeping, just for good measure).

Newborns can be tough to photograph because their attention span is undeveloped and their moods can change very quickly. That smiling, cuddly baby can turn into a squiggly, squirming, yelling baby before the camera flash goes off on your nice new digital camera. However, you do not need to worry. There will be several times that you will be able to take photos in the weeks, months, and also years to come. The suggestions that follow will help you to capture picture frame worthy moments (but aren't they all?) with your newborn with ease:

• Know your gear. Many new moms buy a new camera just before the baby is born. Whether you're accustomed to your camera or you have purchased a new camera for the momentous event, read the manual to the camera, and find out how the different modes on the camera work. Try out the camera, paying particular attention to the zoom and the wide angle. Check and see that the battery is charged up all the way, and that your camera is equipped with a good big memory card.

• Get baby in a good mood. That does not take much effort for most young babies, so long as they are well-fed, have had sufficient sleep, and their diaper is dry. Make sure wherever you are capturing the pictures is warm and cozy since a baby this young can get cold easily. It is important that you find some props to help you with keeping the baby up such as pillows, blankets, and any other things that are nice and baby friendly and soft. If you have another pair of hands to enable you to pose baby and help keep him safe while you snap his picture, that's all the better!

• Choose a bright spot for your baby photo session. If you have got any background props then just keep them simple, maybe a colored blanket or two. Make sure that you dress your baby in simple clothing, since you don't want any wild patterns or bright colors to detract from the real focus of the shoot.

• Make sure you take lots and lots of photographs. The nicest thing about your digital camera is that you can take as many photos as you would like to and then delete the ones you want to, without having to be sparing with the pictures you take. Always capture the original photos in color, and then if you wish to change them to sepia or black and white afterwards then you can.

• Take lots of candid shots without organizing the shot. Why shouldn't a photo of your sweet baby with wet tears as well as a sad face be ideal for putting on your work desk in a picture frame? The most candid pictures oftentimes turn out to be the best!

You are sure to get great results you'll love when you don't forget to use these hints.


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